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exegesis is a writing app and blogging platform for non-linear thought. It's designed to help disorganized people (like myself) keep their ideas and thoughts neatly sorted, in an intuitive way. It is the successor project to YANA.

It made the #1 spot on Product Hunt.


YANA was my old own personal notetaking app. I built it with an old text-editing engine that needed to be swapped out, which is why I started over with exegesis.

It made the front page of Product Hunt.

I've migrated all the users over to exegesis, so the app is no longer available. You can buy a t-shirt featuring a screenshot of a funny bug I ran into while making it, however.

I've only listed my most notable projects here. You can find smaller toy projects on the sitemap, under the "projects" directory.

The sitemap can be accessed by clicking the green button at the bottom left corner of the screen, or by pressing command K.